Here are books that Adam's found that deal with the lore of elves, fairies, and other imaginary beings. (Updated April, 2009)

Arrowsmith, Nancy (with Moorse, George). (1977). A field guide to the little people. New York: Wallaby/ Pocket Books

Barker, Cicely Mary. (2005) Fairyopolis: a flower fairy's journal. London: Frederick Warne & Co. / Penguing. (Associated also with sticker books.)

Baskin, Leonard. (1984). Imps, demons, hobgoblins, witches, fairies & elves. New York: Pantheon/Random House.

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Blatner, Adam, & Blatner, Allee. (1997). The Art of Play: Helping Adults Reclaim Imagination and Spontaneity. Philadelphia, PA: Brunner/Mazel (Taylor & Francis). (Out of print, being reprinted.0

Bord, Janet. (1997). Fairies: Real encounters with little people. New York: Carroll & Graf.

Briggs, Katherine. (1976). An encyclopedia of fairies: Hobgoblins, brownies, bogies and other supernatural creatures. New York: Pantheon.

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Froud, Brian, & Terry Jones.. (1998). The goblin companion: a field guide to the goblins. New York: Barnes & Noble / Pavilion Books.

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Froud, Brian (2002). Lady Cottingston's Pressed Fairy Album. New York: Harry N. Abrams. (See Jones & Froud, below.)

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Jones, Terry & Froud, Brian. (1994). Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book. London: Pavilion Books. (Re-issued from New York: Barnes & Noble, 1998).

Jones, Terry & Froud, Brian. (1996). Strange stains and mysterious smells: based on Quentin Cottington's Journal of Faery Research. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Keightley, Thomas. (2000). The world guide to gnomes, fairies, elves and other little people. New York: Gramercy. (1978, reprint by Avenel, from an 1880 edition, titled "The Fairy Mythology.").

Keith, Adrienne. (1994). Fairies from A to Z. Berkeley, CA: Tricycle Press.

Knight, Sirona. (2005). The complete idiot's guide to elves and fairies. New York: Alpha / Penguin.

Kunnas, Mauri. (1981). Santa Claus and his elves. New York: Harmony Books. Turku, Finland.

Larkspur, Penelope. (1999). The secret life of fairies. (Illustrated by ). Toronto: Kids Can Press.

Lenihan, Eddie & Green, Carolyn Eve. (2003). Meeting the other crowd: The fairy stories of hidden Ireland. New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam.

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Paracelsus. (@1530). Liber de nymphis sylphis pygmaeis et salamandris et caeteribes spiritubus.

Penwiche, Gossamer. (2001). The world of fairies. New York: Sterling Publishing Co.

Perkes, Alden. (1993). The Santa Claus Book. New York: Lyle Stuart / Carol Publishing Group. (Has several chapters about Santa's elves. Illustrated.)

Phillpotts, Beatrice. (1999). The faeryland companion. New York: Barnes & Noble.

Poortvliet, Rien; & Huygen, Wil. (1989). The book of the sandman. New York: Harry N. Abrams.

Purkiss, Diane. (2000). Troublesome things: A history of fairies and fairy stories. London: Allen Lane/ Penguin

(Title in the USA: (2001) At the bottom of the garden: A dark history of fairies, hobgoblins and other troublesome things. New York: New York University Press.)

Roebuck, Lester. (1987). The good, the bad, and the Oedipal (on Mr. Mxyzptlk), in D. Dooley, & G. Engle, (Eds.), Superman at fifty. Cleveland, OH: Octavia.

Rose, Carol. (1996). Spirits, fairies, gnomes and goblins: An encyclopedia of the little people. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

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Schwartz, Alvin. (1976). Kickle snifters and other fearsome critters. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott.

Sergiev, Gilly. (2002). How to catch fairies: Inviting these magical creatures into your life. Gloucester, MA: Fair Winds Press.

Silver, Carole G. (1999). Strange and secret peoples: Fairies and Victorian consciousness. New York: Oxford University Press.

Slaton, Lana. (1978). Giants & gnomes. San Francisco: Troubador Press.

Solinner, Louise. (1998). Elves are everywhere. White Plains, NY: Peter Pauper Press.

Stiles, Eugene. (1995). A small book of fairies. San Francisco: Pomegranate Artbooks.

Stine, Jovial Bob. (1981). Gnasty gnomes. New York: Random House.

Suckling, Nigel. (1999). The leprechaun book. New York: Barnes & Nobel/Pavilion.

Suckling, Nigel. (2000). Gnomes and gardens: A field guide to the little people. (Illustrated by Wayne Anderson). New York? (England?) Pavilion Books, Ltd/Barnes & Noble

Time-Life Books (Editors). The enchanted world of fairies and elves. Alexandria, VA: Time-Life Books.

Tolkien, J.R.R. (1979). The Father Christmas Letters. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

van Gelder, Dora. (1977). The real world of fairies. Wheaton, IL: Quest Books/Theosophical Publishing.

Virtue, Doreen. (2001). Healing with the fairies. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House.

Warner, Sylvia Townsend. (1977). Kingdoms of elfin. New York: Viking. (Fiction)

Williams, Margery. (1975). The Velveteen Rabbit. New York: Camelot/Avon.

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Children's Books:

Baum, L. Frank. (19) . The life and adventures of Santa Claus. New York: New American Library.

Belting, Natalia. (1961). Elves and ellefolk: Tales of the little people. New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston.

Bouchard, David. (2001). Fairy. Victoria, BC, Canada: Orca.

Burnett, Frances Hodgson. (1992). The troubles of Queen Silver-Bell. New York: Derrydale Books.

Johnson, Crockett. (Early 1940s). "Barnaby" a comic strip about a boy, Barnaby, around age 5, and his fairy godfather, a cigar-smoking, pink-winged J. J. O'Malley. (Copyright 1942, 1943, from Ballantine Books, Random House.)

(Cited in Shalit, G. (1987). Laughing Matters. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., pp. 505-530.)

Palmer, Robin. (1966). Dragons, unicorns and other magical beasts. New York: Henry Z. Walck.

West, Tracey. (2000). Pixie Tricks: Sprite's Secret. New York: Scholastic, Inc./ Little Apple.


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