World of Almost-Real: The book introduces the basic idea of connecting with us as a form of imagination development. Here are further books that will give you the opportunity to explore this skill even more:

Among the Dimensions: We Emissaries take you on a tour of some of the other realms we've been visiting over the years. With the help of our friend Adam and his terrific cartooning skills, you will have a personal window on things that normally cannot be seen by ordinary mortals.

That's What It's All About: We've got a three-part book that's going to help you understand what it's all about! First, Unkl Binkl explains what your universe looks like from our perspective: Really rather wonder-filled! Pooh-Bah takes on the second part and gives you an overview of the cosmos from the transdimensional viewpoint. Quite a meta-physical presentation that benefits diagrams by Doktur Schmud. Finally, our resident chaplain, Baba Booby, tells stories that weave together the two worldviews, and helps make it all more relevant.

Magical Mandalas: Doktur Schmud's talents are showcased through numerous pictures "taken" through his "cosmoscope," a marvelous device that is sort of a Hubble telescope but able to access shots of trans-dimensional realities. This results in pictures in the form of a circular fields. Even though they are two-dimensional and static, you should think of them as revealing several dimensions projected on a 2-D surface. Also, they are moving, more like a kaleidoscope. You will begin to understand how your planet and species can be appreciated as the outer-most circle (in all their variations) of the emergence of a series of marvelous planes of graded manifestations. These views also hint at the sheer vitality of this unfolding process, perhaps greater than you may have ever imagined! Interestingly, the structures shown in these pictures also (not coincidentally) approximate the internal structure of the granules of twinkle powder. Doktur Schmud is very excited about sharing his scientific discoveries with your world!

Visual Jazz: Come Dance with Your Eyes! Imagination is fun, and is a skill that can be cultivated. These drawings will exercise and develop that potential in you.

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